6th - 8th October 2010

The aim of this event is to raise awareness of coppice woodland management in the south east, particularly the specialist hazel and chestnut industries.
The organising group consists of representatives from local coppice organisations, the coppice industry and woodland managers. The mandate for the event came from the CANW conference held in October 2009 at which it was agreed a conference in the south east should be held as a pre-requisite to further discussions on the potential benefits of forming a national coppice association.
The target audience is coppice workers, woodland owners and all other stakeholders interested in maintaining and developing this aspect of our cultural and natural heritage.
The program will include:

The venue, Lodge Hill, West Sussex. provides full board accommodation and has a large fully equipped camping facilities, with tents available for hire. There will be opportunities for informal socialising around the campfire as well as more formal sessions.
The conference report will be available electronically at no additional cost.
It is envisaged that at least 100 delegates will attend and provisional estimates suggest 50+ indoors, 50 camping and 25 local daily attendees.
It is important to ensure a wide spectrum of stakeholders attend if the aim of the conference is to be achieved. This will only be possible if attendance, particularly of coppice workers who will be giving up paid work, can be subsidised. Costs are being kept to a minimum with the organisers, speakers and hosts for site visits giving their time for nothing.
All offers of sponsorship, support or funding will be gratefully received.

Debbie Bartlett
Hazel Cottage, Lower Hardres, Canterbury, Kent CT4 5NY
Tel: 01227 700627 or 07974 162045
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