Resolution from the general discussion at 21CC09 - the First Cut on 16 October 2009

There will, inevitably, be some considerable delay before the Report of the Conference can be made available. Meanwhile, it seems sensible to let everyone have a note the Resolution (quoted verbatim below) which was passed unanimously by the assembled company with a view to initiating further debate and discussion wherever you are in the country.

Clearly, there needs to be some action before autumn 2010 to take the ideas forward.

After the initial discussion with a wide spectrum of interested folk at the Conference, CANW Committee and WEP Trustees feel that there needs to be some sort of short-term study group to look into the practicalities further and to see if there needs to be any further modification before the proposed meeting in the South East in autumn next year at which, hopefully, something can be set up. It does not appear to us that the Group necessarily needs a great deal of time to achieve this - perhaps a one day get together, or over a weekend sometime not too far into the New Year (plus a lot of email no doubt)? The venue needs to be accessible to all and so somewhere pretty central and not up in the North West.

Richard Thomason has agreed to act as co-ordinator and can be reached c/o Small Woods Association, Station Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford, Shropshire TF8 7DR
or T 01538 756138 E

Finally, one (blindingly obvious!) point of my own: most of the folk interested in the outcome of this debate were simply not there at the Conference for all sorts of very good reasons. I do hope this note will get the widest circulation possible and that those who could not join in then will do so now. Do pass on the information any way you can.

Alan Shepley
WEP Secretary & Conference Organiser

Resolution from the general discussion at 21CC09 - the First Cut on 16 October 2009

The wording has been checked with Walter Lloyd and his proposal is as follows:
"A feasibility study should be undertaken into the establishment of a national Charitable Trust to manage, regenerate and bring into rotation coppiced woodland, and also to establish new coppiced woodland, either directly by purchase, lease, or rental of suitable land, or indirectly by giving training and assistance to coppice workers and coppice owners and organisations with similar aims."

Later on in the meeting Rebecca Oaks proposed, and John Sinclair seconded that the proposal earlier made by Walter Lloyd be endorsed by the meeting and that further detailed consideration be given to developed proposals at a future meeting, hopefully in the South East in the autumn of 2010.and this Resolution was agreed.

COPPICE ASSOCIATION North West can be contacted c/o CANW Secretary, 77 Lancaster Lane, Leyland, PR25 5SP E
or contact the Website officer (Tony Morgan) for website matters.

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