The European Straw Bale Gathering (ESBG) 2019

The European Straw Bale Gathering (ESBG) is a biennial event, which the UK is privileged to be hosting, for the first time, in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. ESBG is one of the most important meetings of straw bale builders, professionals and admirers of this natural building method and material. ESBG this year is part of the Interreg funded UP Straw project. In keeping with the aims of UP Straw, we will be demonstrating the wonderful insulation, fuel cost cutting and carbon reduction properties of building with straw to: planners, architects, public authorities, universities, self-builders and communities.

ESBG 2019 is all about…
 Exploring healthy public buildings made from straw
 Raising awareness of the benefits of constructing public buildings from straw
 Highlighting features & benefits of straw bale buildings
 Understanding public procurement, building regulations, green mortgages and
 Inspirational case studies
 Networking for professionals and students in the sector
“Straw is an excellent material for building and insulating new and existing buildings. Straw is CO2 negative because CO2 is stored in straw during growth, widely available, fully recyclable and has a rapid growth cycle,” said Barbara Jones, Director of the School of Natural Building. “Straw is warm in winter and cool for ever!”
Exciting speakers, from many European countries, have already been confirmed, including:
 Chris Magwood, who runs the Endeavour Sustainable Building School in Canada. Chris is a
Designer, Consultant, Researcher, Writer, Teacher and Builder. His books include:

  • Essential Sustainable Home Design (2017)
  • Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction (2016)
  • Essential Hempcrete Construction (2016)
     Glynis Kirkwood-Warren, who was born and raised in Tottenham. Glynis was brought up on sharing, helping and supporting others, so it was no surprise that she would be part of a unique community led project to redevelop a forgotten and unloved local park in one of the
    most deprived and misrepresented areas of London. The successful redevelopment of the park was completed in 2012, but who was going to run the newly built straw bale, timber
  • framed passive house in the middle of the park? Enter Glynis with another ridiculous idea, a
  • band of passionate locals and a learning curve of epic proportions…
  •  Murray Davidson, Environment & Natural Resources Manager Hastings Borough Council,
  • will be talking about public procurement and straw, with the intriguing title: ‘Public
  • procurement of straw bale buildings – a step up or the straw that breaks the camel’s back!’

As well as 3 full days of stimulating talks and workshops, ESBG participants will also have the chance to visit some amazing straw bale buildings in and around West Yorkshire, including:
The Ecology Building Society in Halifax

Event Details
 Dates: Thursday 15 August to Sunday 18 August 2019
 Location: Todmorden Learning Centre, Todmorden, West Yorkshire
 Tickets: Full Conference: £195 to £250. Day Tickets: £70 to £95
 Event Website:
For more details, ring Eileen Sutherland on 07857 890805 or email her on: [email protected]