Searching Lancashire for a rare leaf-rolling sawfly associated with Hazel…

Please see below from Ben Hargreaves at Lancashire Wildlife Trust. Please report any sightings of this insect /  leaf rolls that might match the picture below directly to Ben.

I’ve been contracted by The Tanyptera Trust (Liverpool Museum) to search Lancashire (Morecambe Bay has the only Lancs record – from Warton Crag), for the nationally rare Pamphilius fumipennis – – which has an enigmatic (predominantly southern) distribution in England and Wales. It is associated with Hazel in England and Wales but will apparently use Grey Alder Alnus incana preferentially in other European countries (though according to more recent literature it is limited to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Urals, Ukraine, Austria, Norway, Latvia, Czech Republic and Finland outside the UK). There seems to be little known about it’s autecology, though it is perhaps not surprising that such a rare insect is confined to Morecambe Bay in Lancashire, given the significant number of nationally or regionally notable / restricted species. If there is any affinity with limestone geology I will try and find out, although this could simply be a relict species or one that “likes” the unique microclimate and habitats of Morecambe Bay.

It will likely be easiest to search some coppiced areas both for the leaf rolls and the adult insects (esp. if either are present lower down or the adults fly into the canopy).

If anyone has seen any leaf curls / larvae and/or adults that resemble the attached, or link to the UK Sawflies species account then I’d be v. grateful for details if the site is accessible, or arrangements can be made for access. Likely spots where I’d be looking anyway are the Yealand Hall Allotments area / complex, Gait Barrows, Eaves Wood, Warton Crag and of course – possibly ideally – coppice areas with anything up to 10-foot regrowth (strictly within Lancashire – I cannot stray into Cumbria!). 

The flight period of the adult is May to June, but quite a few insects (esp. Hymenoptera) seem to be a bit slow off the mark this year so both the leaf rolls containing the larvae and adults could be found past this point in theory. 

Could I ask if anyone in the Coppice Association has a map layer that might show coppiced areas that could be shared and suggest areas to be visited? If the species is as rare as records suggests, it could be a bit of a needle in a haystack…..or it could in fact be thriving in certain areas…..difficult to tell until the searching begins. 

I checked a large area around Whalley / Cronshaw / Billington (on the edge of the Clitheroe limestone area) on Monday with no results and I will likely check the more predominant limestone areas of Clitheroe / Chatburn / Downham etc as well, just in case there is a population around there (not sure if areas around here are coppiced?).

Yours sincerely,

Ben Hargreaves,

Invertebrate Projects Officer,

Lancashire Wildlife Trust.


The category for 2022 was ‘Lifelong contribution to Coppice Crafts’ and the deserved winner was Alan Waters from Sussex and Surrey Coppice Group.
The award is a mug made out of cherry wood to be kept for the year.

The New Entrant (any age) category will be awarded every year along with another. For 2023 this will be “Craftsperson of the Year”. Send your nominations via the website –

Tip: If you are nominating someone please provide plenty of detail about their work including any activities around training and education.

Weekend in the Woods 2020- CANCELLED

Coronavirus and WITW:

Following the latest Government advice around gatherings and with a desire to keep our green wood community safe and well, it has been reluctantly decided to cancel this years WITW event.

The event is always popular, and the committee wish to thank participants for their eager support this year to fill so many places. We will be issuing refunds over the next weeks and we ask you to be patient whilst we administer this task.

Looking forwards to Weekend in the Woods 2021.

Keep safe and well during this time of uncertainty.

Signed: CANW Committee.


Coronavirus and Weekend in the Woods

The Coronavirus epidemic has evolved such that it now has the potential to threaten the running of this years Weekend in the Woods.

The CANW Committee is aware and are watching developments and  guidance from the Government.

Should we be forced to cancel WITW 2020, full ticket refunds will be issued and WITW will not be rescheduled in 2020.
Please check this website regularly for updates

The current coronavirus action plan is as follows :

Bats and the Law

As you know, all British bats and their roosts are protected by law. It is an offence to harm, disturb or kill bats. It is also an offence to destroy or damage the places that bats use for shelter (their roosts) whether or not bats are present at the time.

It is the duty of anyone working in an area where bats are likely to be present to ensure that they are aware of what to look for and what actions to take if bats are found. In other words, you cannot say you didn’t know bats were there because you should expect them to be.

Precautionary Recommendations

  1. Before work begins on the area to be coppiced, all those working on site should read the attached leaflet “Bats and Trees” produced by the Bat Conservation Trust, in order to make them selves aware of what to look out for.
  2. Check all trees to be felled or coppiced, looking for any holes, cracks, splits, hollow branches or small cavities. Cavities entrances can be as small as 10mm wide and some cavities are so small that only a single bat fits in.
  3. Use a bright torch to illuminate any cavities to look for bats that may be present.
  4. Any branches with obvious holes or cavities that are too high to see into from the ground should be soft felled. The branch should then be laid gently on the ground and left undisturbed for 24 hours or at least overnight.
  5. If bats or any evidence of bats is found during any operation, ALL WORK MUST CEASE immediately and a bat expert contacted for further advice.

Please feel free to contact Gail Armstrong (contact details below) at any time for further advice. You can also contact Will Walton on the email address above ([email protected]) or mobile number 07739 984307.

Gail Armstrong, the Bat Lady

Tel: 01524 70316

Mobile: 07917021073

England’s Community Forests – 2020 Conference

Each year the family of Community Forests in England hold a conference to look at progress and identify future opportunities.

The 2020 Conference is on 26th March at the Birmingham Midland Institute, from 9:30 to 4:00.

In 2020 our annual conference focuses on trees and carbon. With trees in the media almost daily and new targets and aspirations for new woodland creation to lock up carbon as a response to climate change, what is the role of Community Forests in helping to achieve these new targets? What is the role of trees and woodlands in mitigating the likely impacts of climate change? How quickly can we respond to the challenge of a dramatic increase in levels of planting?

We have great speakers and the workshop will undoubtedly be lively as usual.

The conference costs £32.63 (strange number due to fees on the website!), to help cover some of the costs for the day.

Further information about the great list of speakers we have lined up and booking deatails are available from this link:

We hope you will be able to join us.

With our best wishes for a happy 2020.

The Mersey Forest Team 

Tel. 01925 816217

AGM 2020 – 7th Feb

AGM date will be FRIDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2020 – please put this on your calendar.

New location – Village Hall, Staveley in Cartmel.

There will be Music.

There will be dancing.

There will be food.

There will be a quiz.

There will be a raffle

………..and of course the AGM meeting.

18:00 Gather

18:30 AGM

19:00Food & written quiz

19:45Music & dancing

20:30Raffle and quiz results

21:00 ish

So CANW members, please make sure you attend, bring yourselves, a raffle prize, and some beer, wine or whatever is your tipple of choice.

PS –  Can you please the secretary know if you will be attending so we can cater for numbers accordingly.

Landworkers’ Alliance AGM & Winter Shindig

Landworkers’ Alliance AGM & Winter ShindigFri 22nd Nov – Mon 25th NovCastle Head Field Studies Centre, Grange over Sands, Cumbria, LA11 6QT

Landworkers’ Alliance are a grassroots organisation supporting small scale farmers, growers and land-based workers on both a practical (education) and political (lobbying and policy making) level across the UK.  
For our AGM and winter weekend party we will; share stories, feast on amazing local food, sample local ales, discuss important political issues relevant to landworkers, undertake workshops, hear storytelling, watch films, make friends, visit local farms & projects and have a cracking dance to fabulous local band Diddley Squat. The ticket includes full board and we have a designated kids space if you would like to bring your children.

Our annual AGM is hosted in a different region each year to try ensure we have a good presence across the UK and to support regional activity at a local level. For us our AGM is our most important event for members every year as it’s a way to bring people together from across the UK, collectively set our work agenda for the following year, organise skill shares, elect our coordinating group, build and strengthen our movement and of course have fun together!   

Tickets and information are available here:

Full weekend tickets are available to Landworkers’ Alliance members only. You can sign up to be a member here:

If you are interested just to find out a bit more about the Landworkers’ Alliance and join us for the Saturday night party, you don’t need to sign up as a member. The Saturday night ticket from 5pm includes debates about the future land-use of the uplands, a delicious feast and knees-up band Diddley Squat.

If you are a supporter member and would like a full weekend ticket, you can sign-up to be on my waiting list and we will let you know nearer the time if there is space.

Please send ticket info on to anyone who might be interested.

If you have any queries please email Helen on [email protected] or ring me on 07900648666

Many thanksHelen Starr-Keddle
Events CoordinatorLandworkers’ Alliance
Please note I work Wednesdays and Fridays so may not be able to respond to emails straight away.