Swallows and Earthburn!

A couple of pictures of the recent charcoal earthburn event organised by Brian Crawley and Dan Sumner at Glas Knott Wood, commemorating the filming of an earthburn in that exact location for the Swallows and Amazons film 50 years ago. We/they may do another one at some point. Watch this space…

Covering the stack of burning logs with turf.
Cooling of the spoils before bagging up.

In case you’re wondering what an earthburn is (and you’d be forgiven to wonder, especially as we don’t have many photos here to explain things!)… Basically, you pile up some logs, set fire to them, cover them in earth to cut out the oxygen, then let the wood gently cook overnight. The next day you have a pile of charcoal, perfect for cooking on! This method of making charcoal was still being used commercially into the last century. Brian has done great work over the years in re-learning the process, and passing on his knowledge to others.