Heritage Crafts Red List

The Heritage Crafts Association is preparing to publish its latest assessment of threatened crafts under its Redist here – http://heritagecrafts.org.uk/redlist/. NCFed has been asked to contribute. If you have not already been consulted and think you might fill in any gaps in numbers, individuals or states of crafts, here’s a link to an online survey – https://forms.office.com/e/kAgjDq59PW.

Since the last version, published in April 2021, new crafts have been added to the lists and of course many will have been buffeted by the tides of Brexit and Covid. HCA are particularly keen to have our help in an accurate assessment of Wattle Hurdles and Spars.

This survey is the first of its kind in this place and invites structured attention to some of the wide range of skills and trades derived from stick farming that we discuss here. If you have comments about this work or you or any of your members would like to help NCFed keep an eye on any trade(s) in particular, please email [email protected]. All contributions welcome.