We hereby give notice of an EGM (that is an Extraordiary General Meeting) that we intend to hold on Monday 4th December at The White Hart, Bouth. 17:30. We’ll provide some bar snacks.
The reason for this is to discuss the following:

**** Proposed Subs increase for 2024 ****

In update emails earlier in the year I mentioned that CANW has never increased its subs since it was established 25 years ago and that an increase was on the cards for next year. Whilst we love to offer a bargain, the reality is that our costs have increased massively while our income has remained roughly the same. Things we’ve always paid for have gone through the roof (e.g. insurance etc), and since everyone is squeezed nowadays it’s much harder for people to offer significant amounts of their time for free. We now have additional costs for some essential committee work and the production of the fantastic all-new CANW newsletter (another one is scheduled by the way). CANW also pays NCFed membership on behalf of all individual CANW members (this gives you access to the discount insurance deal and a voice as a woodland worker where it comes to national politics). NCFed’s cost per head has also increased.

Basically, if we don’t do something about this we’re going to run out of money!

At our committee meeting on 8th November we proposed to increase the annual fees as follows:

  • Single membership£25
  • Joint membership or Company/Organisation membership: £35
  • Consessionary membership: We propose to remove this as a category but offer that if you are unable to afford the normal fee please get in touch & we may come to an arrangement.

Our aim is to continue to promote coppicing and associated crafts, offer opportunities for learning & development, and bring together all those with an interest into a coordinated group so that we each have a channel for our say at a political level, whilst keeping abreast of changes.

In line with our constitution we are obliged to consult our members with regards to changes to the annual subscription rate. So here is the notice of the proposal, and if you have any strong feelings that you wish to share on this the EGM will give you the opportunity to voice them to the committee. If you are unable to attend the EGM please drop me a line ([email protected]) & I’ll feed your concerns into the meeting or answer any queries you may have.