Reminder to CANW Members: Subs!!!

If you haven’t paid your subs for 2024 please do that now. We’ll be adjusting the mailing list at the end of this month (not to be pedantic, but because we pay your NCFed membership there is a cost to keeping you on the list) so if you don’t want to fall out of the loop please get this sorted now. Thanks for your support, which is vital to the continuation of any work that CANW is able to deliver.

If your old standing order has been collected already then you’ll have paid ‘part‘ of the 2024 subs due, so you’ll need to top up. E.g. if you paid £15 by standing order for a single membership to the old account then please pay the additional £10 to the new account below (If it was a joint membership then it’s an extra £15):

2024 subs rates are:
Single £25
Joint £35

Please head over to our Membership page for payment details.